Aparoid Crawler is the name for the most basic Aparoid unit.


It crawls around on all four legs, hence its name. It has two long back legs, and two short front legs. The front legs may be used for grabbing on to or holding things. Its head consists of four pincers and a large turquoise circle, which is most likely an eye.


It can only attack by charging at an enemy. Of course, if Fox McCloud touches one, he takes damage. These Aparoids are extremely weak, and can be destroyed by a single blaster shot on any difficulty. Their only real advantage is their vast numbers to overwhelm their enemies. Oftentimes, Aparoid Crawlers are encountered in large swarms. In this situation, the Machine Gun should be used.


Aparoid Crawlers appeared frequently during the Aparoid Invasion, situatued on the ground invasions. They notably appeared when trapping Fox inside the Katina Outpost in great numbers, causing him to summon the Landmaster tank.



  • Aparoid Crawlers appear in Star Fox Command, when Slippy Toad tries to remind Krystal of her time she spent with Fox and the team; also when Falco recalls Pigma being assimilated by them.


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