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Aparoids that appear as minor enemy units, to major bosses, as the main antagonists in Star Fox: Assault.

Ground Troops

Aparoid Crawler

The most basic Aparoid unit, the Aparoid Crawler, is only slightly larger than Fox McCloud; they attack on sight by charging at him and can be disposed of with one shot from a blaster. They tend to appear in large numbers, which may explain as to why they were able to take so many planets within a short time-span, it appears they are used to overwhelm the enemy before the powerful aparoids take to the field.

Purple Aparoid

A slightly bigger and deadlier Aparoid, dubbed the Purple Aparoid, acts like a mortar and is protected against basic blaster shots and machine-gun fire, but not charged shots. A missile-firing variant, the Advanced Aparoid Dragoon, can be seen on the Aparoid Homeworld. These are usually accompanied by Aparoid Crawlers, and fire relatively quickly (about one shot per second), making them a threat when one is distracted by other units.

Aparoid Minitank

The Aparoid Minitank is a small Aparoid tank that rides around as a rover, and has two laser turrets it will shoot at you. They fire fast, but do not deal out much damage, taking many volleys to do any considerable damage to the player or their vehicle. Should they be in large numbers, they tend to become a threat, easily eliminated with the Landmaster, particularly the boost ability.

Aparoid Turret

The Aparoid Turret is a blue Aparoid that stays in one place, and fires glowing orbs as mortars. These fire very slowly, having to charge the shot, making them easy targets, but one should not take them lightly, as they usually are in hard to hit areas with lots of other aparoids nearby.

Antiaircraft Aparoid

The Aparoid Missile Launchers are another form of the Aparoid Mortar that is green, and fires missiles. These are usually geared toward anti-fighter duties, something they do better than their laser turret variations.

Spherical Tank Aparoid

Another, much bigger Aparoid, the Spherical Tank Aparoid, normally remains in its spherical shell firing missiles. If you get close enough, it reveals its vulnerable head to charge towards you. These are only dangerous if one gets cornered or fails to remember they charge toward players. They can also bring down the health of a groundside ally to critical, but due to their importance to the story, the ally will not die, but they will have their health down significantly. These are easily dispatched with heavy artillery, or a Landmaster, although if one leaves Krystal to her duties, she will eventually destroy the Roller that is near her position during the ninth level. This may take some time though, as any groundside allies tend to have poor accuracy, like their skyborne companions.

Aparoid Roller

A small, rolling ball unit, the Aparoid Rollers, are present on Sauria's invasion and again on the surface of the aparoid homeworld. These enemies are more pests than serious dangers. They fight and defend themselves like the Sentry Bots on Fichina which were infected by aparoid control.

Aparoid Targeting Laser

Targeting Lasers are spired towers that emit orange spirals that shoot upwards, appearing on Fichina and Corneria when Fox is wing-riding. Their attacks are devastating, and a warning sign will flash on-screen to alert their presence, combined with prompts from the pilot to take them out before they attack.

Aparoid Growth

This form of Aparoidedation can be witnessed when flying through the base under construction in the Asteroid Belt.

Force Field Generator Aparoid

The Hatchers on the Aparoid Homeworld are the most challenging versions encountered because of their Force Fields which are generated by energy towers, three of which must be taken out before the hatchers can become vulnerable to normal attacks.

Air Force

Aparoid Flyer

There is a space variant known as, the Aparoid Flyers. These come in large numbers, and are specifically geared to attacking and intercepting enemy fighters. They are best dealt with from a distance, as they chase after the player on later levels, and sometimes will follow them despite any evasive maneuvers.

Bloated Aparoid

Another more powerful space variant is the Bloated Aparoid, which, as its fan-name suggests, bombs out areas in either space, or on a planet. These are only seen in groups of one or two, and do not fire frequently, but are still dangerous should the player get caught under the blast they make.

Beetle Aparoid

The Beetle Aparoid is another air variant, but goes considerably faster than the Aparoid Flyer. It is also more powerful, and tends to appear in later levels, eventually replacing the standard Aparoid Fighter.

Aparoid Spinner

The Aparoid Spinner is another air variant that spins, and fires a powerful plasma blast. These only appear in a select few levels, namely the fifth and final.

Radar Jammers

The Radar jammers are encountered on Corneria, playing a crucial role to the mission and its gameplay. The player will need to revert to a sniper's method in order to locate these strategic aparoids as they hide within the smoke and behind the multiple buildings in the vast, decimated city.

Morphing Ship Aparoid

These are more bigger Aparoids that take several hits, encountered only in Meteo and the Homeworld Core. If this Aparoid is destroyed, smaller Crystalline Aparoids will take its place. These are durable, but are easily destroyed, as they do not move around a lot.

Crystalline Aparoid

Crystalline Aparoids only appear on the Asteroid Belt and Aparoid Homeworld. They tend to appear immediately after the Morphing Ship Aparoid has been destroyed, fluttering together in a tight formation, which inadvertently allows them to be targeted and destroyed by a homing laser blot to rack up Hit Points.

Stringy Aparoid

Stringy Aparoids are long, snake-like Aparoids that appear within the Asteroid Belt, where they will chase the Arwing's, unless they are shaken off by Barrel rolling.

Glowing Sac Aparoid

Glowing Sac Aparoids are orange, glowing spore-like creatures identical to the Bomb Spores that appear on Sauria, where can pop out of remote places and home in on Fox in order to explode on him.

Blue Orb Aparoid

Blue Orb Aparoids are large, bulbous orbs of energy that follow blue railway grinds though narrow tunnels.

Swirling Aparoid

Swirling Aparoids are powerful barricades that appear on the Aparoid Homeworld. They are connected to the tunnel by powerful streams of energy, that are gradually lost with continuous damage from Fox's Arwing laser fire.

Tri-Winged Aparoid

Appearing on Corneria's City, these flyers will pop up and charge up their attack, which gives Fox time to take them out first.

Y-shaped Aparoid

These Aparoids are launched by General Pepper's flagship, where they charge up their devastating attack, giving Fox time to quickly dispatch them before they tear up Wolf's Wolfen.

Electric Sphere Aparoid

These are gigantic, honeycombed spheres of electricity that remain stationary outside buildings on the Aparoid Homeworld to guard hatchers.

Silver Aparoid

Silver Aparoids are only encountered on the Aparoid Homeworld, where act as the Queen's last defence where they spin continually and can charge up a dark energy ball similar to that of the infected General Pepper. Silver Aparoids are next to impossible to destroy, taking many, many laser blasts and bombs to destroy just one. There is not enough time to destroy all of them, which explains why Star Wolf distracted them. Presumably they were destroyed only when the self-destruct program caused the Aparoid Queen and all the remaining aparoids to self-destruct.

Aparoid Larvae

Aparoids Larvae are launched by the Queen that will float around her hive arena, eventually transforming into explosives.


These Aparoids are tougher than normal Aparoids, since they often carry Core Memories which reveal valuable information about the Aparoids (such as their ultimate weakness-apoptosis). Once a boss Aparoid is destroyed, any weaker Aparoids surrounding them usually die as well.

Fortuna Aparoid

Star Fox return fire on a mysterious creature who assaulted Krystal.

Winged Aparoid

The Winged Aparoid is the first Aparoid encountered in Star Fox: Assault. It attacks with lasers on its wings and abdomen, and is capable of space flight. It is formidable against the player, but can be easily destroyed if one persists, two to three bombs will also destroy all of its wings and make things much easier should the player have a hard time destroying it. When the Aparoid Moth shows up, ROB says repetitively, "Aparoid! Aparoid! Aparoid!" Peppy also states "No, it can't be!" Therefore, it shows that this isn't the first time aparoids have attacked.

Aparoid Hatchers

Aparoid hatchers are important factory units, whose sole purpose is to spawn more Aparoids. They have the ability to cling to walls, though they lack any defensive measures and do not attack Fox when he approaches. However, if Fox touches them, he suffers some damage. These come in large numbers, and if the player gets close to them, they will spawn a squad of regular Aparoids.

Aparoid Ship

  • Another Aparoid Boss Aparoid Ship is a large four-legged monster that has a multitude of attacks and powerful anti-aircraft defenses. It also has anti-aircraft miniguns of some type, these are only used against the players allies, never the player themselves.

Cylindrical Aparoid

This Aparoid was the only one to be a full robotic life form. It was originally the cooling unit for the climate control generator on planet Fichina. Pigma, however, transformed it with a Core Memory which created this monster that shoots enemies out of its mouth, flies when its legs are damaged, and dis-inhabits the planet in less than seven minutes (depending on difficulty). The Aparoids that come out of it are unique to the mission. It is one, of the two bosses that doesn't carry a Core Memory. It is also the only non-queen boss that has a specific weakness that must be exploited, in the form of the reactor core.

Aparoid Missile

  • The Aparoid Missile is a giant Aparoid that functions as a missile. There are three different types: The first is a regular missile that goes fast, but is relatively weak. The second is one similar to the first one, but has a large bulbous area, and goes slower. The third is the largest, and most powerful missile. It is composed of three parts, and accelerates as it loses each one. This Aparoid is one of the two Aparoid bosses to not have a Core Memory. Falco, Wolf, and Leon will all destroy one missile, therefore allowing the player to focus on the other missiles.

The Aparoid Queen

Aparoid Queen

The Aparoid queen, the source of all aparoid will and instinct.

Described by General Pepper as "The source of all Aparoid will", the queen is capable of imitating the people that have been assimilated by the Aparoids. Their race claims that "It is not sacrifice, but evolution," and that all things are made for them to infect. When Star Fox Team entered and executed the self-destruct program, the entire species was destroyed. Allied troops will shoot at it, and destroy the shields, but not do much else to assist. It is a very tough boss to defeat, requiring quite a bit of work to deal with.

Aparoidedation victims

Sentry Bots

When Fox was in the Fichina climate control center, these suddenly appeared by the dozens. They travel in packs and use swiping talons to eliminate their targets. Ironically, they were blind (both sensor wise and visually). They can absorb any weapon, though are vulnerable when they attack because they expose their inner core. It was implied that the Sentry Bots weren't always Aparoids when Slippy informs Fox that he scanned the Sentries and learned that they had become Aparoids.

Winged prototype

Only encountered when approaching the interior of the base under construction in the asteroid belt, it is essentially the same as the winged prototype seen as part of Oikonny's Fleet at Fortuna, minus the obvious signs of Aparoidedation.

Aparoid Pigma

When Star Fox finally reached the end of their chase of Pigma, they witnessed that Pigma had fallen victim to Aparoidedation and began to merge with a space station into a dangerous hybrid. Fox assumed that because of the tone of voice, Pigma had already perished and proceeded to destroy the creature after Peppy implied that the Core Memory Pigma stole was inside in order to retrieve it.

General Pepper's flagship

The General's flagship was attacked when the Aparoid's invaded Corneria and attempted to assimilate him because of his importance as Corneria's commander in chief of the military. Pepper's strong will enabled him to resist mind control but was unable to stop his body from betraying him and pleaded Fox to destroy him before he could be turned into an Aparoid.

Website bio

Note: This bio is used each time for the three Aparoid entries, which each bio having a different picture. The Cornerian Military has little intelligence on these insectoid invaders. Team Star Fox has been able to analyze some data that points to an automaton-like social order of several Aparoid species or "models".

Other appearances

  • The Aparoids are mentioned in Star Fox Command when Slippy tries to remind Krystal of what times she spent on the team, while Aparoid Crawlers appear on an icon; " And what about when you risked your life to fight the Aparoids?". Their appearance is different from the one seen in the previous game, either indicating this is an error involving them or alternatively, another model that was encountered between missions of the team's campaign to save the Lylat System, as Fox does not face down any red eyed Aparoids at any point, only blue and yellow eyed ones.
  • In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the Aparoids appear as trophies within the Star Fox: Assault themed stage, where it recreates the scenario from Mission 8 when the aparoids are targeting the Orbital Gate. The missile Aparoids act as temporary stages and hazards as they are about to ram into the station.


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