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Anti-Laser Shields are ForceField shields that are capable of protection against laser fire.

In the games

Star Fox 64/3D

The Star Fox team may end up encountering the Meteo Crusher when passing through Meteo to get to Fichina. It blocks their path, forcing them to take it out. Its manner of defenses are a shield on its backside that can absorb laser shots and fire three powerful blasts, missiles, ring lasers and lighting-like beams.


The shield on the back side of the Crusher absorbs energy from your laser and shoots it back. It's easy to dodge if you watch for it.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 39

Shogun's shield.

The Shogun warlord and troopers also carried shields that can absorb the Arwings' Laser blasts, but the warlord's is relatively fragile, and will break off after taking several hits. This makes him a much easier target for laser-fire.


The Shogun warlord deflects lasers with its shield. To destroy it, relentlessly blast away at it with your lasers.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 65

Star Fox: Assault

Some powerful enemies such as the combat suits worn by ape soldiersAparoid Dragoons and Sentry Bot 3000s are capable of forming powerful shields that makes regular blaster fire useless.

Star Fox Assault-Mission7

ROB detects the Aparoid Homeworld's shield generators.

When arriving at the homeworld, Peppy bets that entering the planet interior is the best way to reach the Queen, but Slippy made an analysis that every time Aparoids left the core, a powerful shield goes up. An anti-laser shield blocked the Star Fox Team from reaching the Aparoid Queen, which was generated by Shield generators, which were also protected by Aparoid hatchers. As soon as Fox McCloud gave the order to enter the tunnels of the Aparoid homeworld, a massive laser-proof field of hexagon-shaped energy covered the core of the planet, cutting off their entry. Falco tried some shots at the core which bounced off, concluding from Slippy that laser fire would be useless. At the same time, the Great Fox was under attack from Aparoids, so Peppy Hare and ROB 64, knowing they would very likely die of the Aparoid attack, were willing to sacrifice themselves and crashed the Great Fox into the shield as a means of destroying it before the ship and themselves were compromised. Luckily, both survived the Great Fox's explosive crash into the Anti-Laser Shield.


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