The Anglar army (アングラー軍, Angurā-gun), or simply the Anglars, are fish-people from the toxic seas of Venom. They are the primary antagonists of Star Fox Command and are under the control of the Anglar Emperor. It is revealed late in the game that the Anglars are not a natural species, but were created as one of Andross' bioweapons.


The Anglars were unknown until a few years after the Aparoid Invasion. They quickly attacked and conquered Corneria and most other planets using such weaponry as Missiles, Saucerers, Motherships, and other devices. The Anglars are ultimately defeated, however, by either the Star Fox or Star Wolf Team (depending on the path taken by the player).


Most of the Anglars' weaponry is aquatic in nature, such as starfish-shaped ships and crayfish-shaped fighters. These fighters are constructed with Aluminium and trace amounts of chrome, making them immune to corrosion, and able to survive the depths of the Venom Sea. Most Anglar fighters contain a core, connecting them to a hive mind. By collecting these cores, the player is able to defeat the Anglars and clear the stage. Large Anglar Motherships float over captured bases, acting as a launching point for Anglar ships and missiles. These motherships possess a large beam which can severely damage the player's ship if it makes contact. Ships that are widely used in the Anglar Naval Force are Swarm Fighters, Elite Fighters, Flash Bombers, Angelfish, Puffers, Invader-type fighters plus various original craft belong to the Emperor's commanders, such as Zoldge, Zazan, Octoman, Zako and an unknown Anglar pilot.

The ultimate Anglar weapon is the Arrow Head, the default final boss of the game. It is a segmented, eel-like ship piloted by the Anglar Emperor himself. Once a section has been damaged by laser fire, it detaches and shoots beams at the player from the ocean floor. When all of the segments have been damaged, they reform around the head and shoot forward and the player. During this phase, the only weak point is the Arrow Head's head. Once it is destroyed, the Anglar Emperor ejects, and if the player is not en route to the default ending, the player must fight him in the depths of Venom.



  • Despite being aquatic animals, it is implied that Zako, Zoldge, and Octoman are not Anglars themselves, but mercenaries hired by them.