Anglar Motherships were used by the Anglar Army on multiple planets during the Anglar Blitz.

In Star Fox Command

The Anglar Army dispatched their Motherships to every planet in the Lylat system during the Anglar Blitz. These motherships were heavily armored, and were armed with a laser beam weapon that was used to harrass Cornerian Army bases that the Anglar occupied. This laser beam weapon was also the Anglar Mothership's weakness. An Arwing, travelling at high speed, could ram the Mothership in the beam weapon emitter during a barrel roll and cause catastrophic damage that would destroy the Mothership. All Motherships carried a Core that was dropped when the Mothership was destroyed. Due to the lack of mobility displayed by the Motherships, each Mothership was defended by the Anglar Army. Motherships were also capable of releasing reinforcements onto the battlefield, and some were even capable of firing Anglar Missiles.


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