I won't let you near the Great Fox!
Fox McCloud

An Anglar Missile is an explosive warhead rocket, manufactured and utilised by the Anglar Empire, which appears in Star Fox Command.


Anglar Missiles are large red rocket shaped warheads.


Anglar Missiles are deployed from any active Anglar bases or cities. They will lock on target towards the Great Fox II and will not deviate from their course like Anglar Fighters. The Missiles can even pass through zones and red barriers that star fighters themselves cannot fly through. Starfighters must touch the Missile with their flight path in order to engage it. If they miss, the Missile will strike the Great Fox II, resulting in Game Over.


Once a Starfighter engages a Missile, the gameplay will switch from All-Range Mode to Corridor Mode , where they will start to fly after it. Like an Anglar Mothership, a series of red gates will appear on the flight path which the ship must continuously fly through to catch up with the Missile, missing just one will lose the trail. Once the ship is within range, the Missile will be open to firepower. Each Missile is worth just 1 HIT point.