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Anglar Commander Fighters are important fighters in the Anglar Army.


They appear as one of the main fighter branches in the Anglar Fleet. They are superior to Swarm Fighters, and are among those that contains cores. It is assumed, that given by their name, they may hold commanding officers. The ships are constructed of mainly aluminium with trace amounts of chrome, allowing them to resist the toxic Venomian sea's corrosive acids.

The Battle of Corneria

They saw tremendous amounts of combat at the Battle of Corneria. Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, and ROB 64 encounter these ships and take out most of them. When Fox and ROB take down the Anglar Advanced Guard with help from Cornerian Pilot Dash Bowman, there are surprisingly hardly any of them. Lucy Hare and ROB are beset by them, but are able to take them down. More come, but with help from Katt Monroe, Amanda, and Krystal, they destroy all the fighters.

The Battle of Katina

A small number of Commander fighters were active on Katina, and were guarding an Anglar Mothership stationed on the planet. Falco Lombardi was on Katina when the invasion began, and destroyed these Commanders and the Mothership they were protecting with assistance from Bill Grey.