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As the main antagonist of the Star Fox series, Andross has appeared in all games as an important antagonistic character and frequent boss.

[…]The comfortable lifestyle enjoyed by the Lylatians was the envy of the galaxy, until the coming of the Emperor Andross.
[…]Emperor Andross was once known as Doctor Andross, a scientific genius who worked at an advanced lab on Corneria, the fourth planet in the Lylat system. Ever since his childhood, Andross's brilliance outshone that of other children. As an adult, Dr. Andross began developing a powerful engine based on hyper-spatial energy. Selfish and blinded by selfish ambition, he repeatedly conducted dangerous experiments in the heart of Corneria's most populated city. After many warnings from the planet's ruling council, he was finally banished from the planet for endangering the Inhabitants of Corneria.
Out of sight, out of mind. The Inhabitants of Corneria soon forgot the menace of "Dr. Andross". One day, however, Corneria's small defense force detected some unusual happenings on Venom, the first planet in the Lylat system. Strange unidentified flying objects were monitored manoeuvring above the planet in large numbers. It was not long before the self appointed Emperor Andross, who had fled to Venom, declared war on Corneria.
The planet Venom had been complete remade by Emperor Andross into a gigantic military base. Andross hoped that with his military power, he could soon control all the plants in the Lylat system.
[…]Your mission is to penetrate the defenses of the planet Venom and defeat the forces led by Emperor Andross. Your ability to maneuver the ARWING fighter will make the difference between the return of peace to the Lylat system and the fall of Corneria to the evil Emperor.
StarFox 1993.png

Being the first game in the "Star Fox" series, Andross (also known as Andross... during the ending, or Andorf... in Japan), first appeared as the main antagonist and final boss. While this incarnation of the character has the same backstory as the N64 and Wii U games, his appearance as the final boss is very different compared to later titles. In Star Fox, Andross was a cube-like core with his face posted on four sides, but in later games he was a brain. The exact reason is unknown, but it is likely that either this incarnation of Andross was a decoy, or it was intended to be his brain uploaded into an artificial intelligence computer. While it is sometimes identified as the actual Andross, this form is sometimes suggested to be a separate but related entity in certain official sources. The ellipses shown in his name during the ending could indicate that something is not quite right with him. Later sources also suggest that it is not the real Andross.

If the game is met with an end of available ships, Andross presents the "Game Over" screen, depicting his victory of conquering the entire Lylat System. The menacing pose of his disembodied head and hands form created the traditional form and standard pose that would follow with most of his in game appearances.


Ah.. Your choice of routes took me by surprise!! Your father was a reckless fighter too... But this will be the McCloud's last battle!!
SF 93 Andross.jpg
SF Easy Andross.gif

At the end of the Mission on any route taken to Venom, Fox will fly his Arwing into the last stronghold, a dome-like structure (or if Fox took the medium route, simply enter through a highway tunnel leading to one of Andross' tunnels). The doors will welcome him inside as Andross talks to him, with different taunts depending on the route. At the end of the tunnel, Fox will come across a strange void with swirling colors. From behind, tiles come to the front individually to arrange itself into a textureless, rectangular wall. Suddenly, it comes to life, forming a human-like face with a mouth and flashing blue and orange eyes. Its primary method of defense is telekinetic-based; it will also periodically take a deep inhale (stopping before it can touch the Arwing), and then spit out a barrage of tiles. Each eye will also often generate another tile in the Arwing's direction, splitting into two if shot.

SF Andross Bull.gif

To defeat it, Fox must shoot both of the eyes until they turn black. When they do, there will be some explosions and then its body will shatter, revealing a cube-like core with a blue point at the top and bottom that has Andross's face on four sides (without pupils). After enough hits, the blue portion of the construct will turn orange. If not completely harmed, the tiles will reform on it and the body will have to be destroyed again (if playing on Level 3, it will instead take on a bull or demon-like appearance at this point, constantly throwing up tiles and shooting beam balls out of its eyes). Once defeated, the core will spin out of control and fall apart, revealing the exit behind it as explosions chase the Arwing close behind.


  • While Andross was redesigned as a final boss in "Star Fox 64", his SNES look may have been a precursor to the robotic decoy that shows up as one of two final bosses. After the first phase is defeated, it takes the form of a damaged mechanical construct using its bat-like ears to remain in flight. It can only attack by charging at the Arwing, so it is easily downed by Fox. However, it is only fought in what is considered the bad ending; the real Andross is fought for the true ending. The fact that each version introduces itself with slightly different dialog might have also been inspired by the SNES game.

Exiled to the distant penal planet of Venom for his destructive and dangerous experiments with bio-technology, the mad scientist Andross has recently resurfaced as the supreme commander of a seemingly unstoppable military force. Striking without warning, his invasion fleets have overrun the minimal defenses outposts of the many planets in the Lylat system, and are even now attacking the most populous world in the system, Corneria. As a scientist on Corneria, Andross specialized in bio-technology and space warps. It is theorized that exposure to his own deadly experiments may have driven him mad. In the time since his exile, who knows how his continued experimental work may have affected him?
Star Fox 64 logo.png
Andross 64.jpg

In "Star Fox 64", Andross serves again as the main antagonist and final boss of the game, whichever route is taken. His in game backstory is essentially the same as the 1993 game, but with more newer additions made to his character, such as his expanded involvement with the disappearance of James McCloud, probably due to the added vocal performances. His dialogue in the Japanese version was performed by Daisuke Gouri, while Rick May provided Andross's English voice in western region releases of "Star Fox 64". Benefiting his great importance as the main antagonist, Andross is the only character with a red dialogue box, which in the case of other character text boxes are otherwise blue (this includes other bosses).

Before reaching the second wave of defensive fleets surrounding Venom's orbit in the Mission Area 6, Fox receives a transmission (activated by pressing C-Right on the N64 version or tapping the touch screen on the 3DS version) from Andross himself, bragging to Fox, and registering anger and a desire to make the "fools" pay, but if more Hits points were already collected, Andross will change the threat to an intrigued desire to face Fox himself. This radio call, along with the Venom Easy Path level, are the only C-Right/Touch Screen transmissions in the game that are sent by someone other than ROB 64.


Enemy Recon:
Andross's genius is matched only by his evil intentions. He dreams of the day when all beings in the Lylat System perform his bidding.
Nintendo Power - Logo.png
Once Andross's hands are destroyed, his head will be vulnerable, but only at specific times: after you launch a bomb into his mouth and he laughs, or after he spits a mouthful of rocks.
Andross can fire lighting bolts with his right hand only, so destroy it first. If you miss shooting him in the eye, instead of trying to blast you, he'll try to punch you several times and then try to suck you into his mouth.
Shoot his eyes to distract him. It won't really hurt him, but it will make him pause.
If he tries to inhale you, launch a bomb into his mouth and then blast him between the eyes. If you don't have a bomb, turn and brake to escape. When he spits, shoot the rocks and then his face. If he inhales you, he won't be vulnerable when he spits you out.
Nintendo Power - Logo.png

The key is to destroy Andross's hands first and then his eyes. There are several ways to do this, but the preferred method may be to shoot the eyes to distract him then shoot the hands, mainly at the palms. But if he has his right hand after being stunned he will then shoot a lightning bolt. Andross will first throw a low left punch, a middle left punch, a low right punch and then clap his hands together to crush the Arwing. Then Andross will attempt to use his signature telekinetic inhale to swallow and crush Fox in his jaws and spit him out. If the inhale is dodged, Andross will exhale a shower of rocks, some of which may contain Supply Rings or even Smart Bombs. After shooting Andross in his eyes enough times, he will start to shatter until his form beneath is revealed depending on what route was taken to Venom.

If Fox chose the easy route to Venom from Bolse, Andross will become the Robot Andross during his second phase, but if Fox chose to arrive from the hard route by Area 6, it is Andross's brain that will be exposed as the final boss.

SF64 Andross Inhale.png

Enemy Recon

Andross's Brain:
All that's left are Andross's eyes and brain, grown to monstrous proportions. The brain is so large, it can't manoeuvre up and down as much as you can within this All-Range area. It's equipped with a Dimension Transporter and powerful thrusters, though, so it will still be tough to get it in you laser sights. Using the radar scope will be crucial to lining up your shots.
Nintendo Power - Logo.png
The eyes are connected to the brain by energy strands. Concentrate your fire on the eyes first. You can't disrupt the energy strands, but they can hurt the Arwing.
This structure at the base of the brain is its weak point. It releases bulbs of explosive energy, and it also has tentacle-like strands that can pull you in.
Nintendo Power - Logo.png
Andross Brain SF64.png

Once the All-Range mode cutscene is over the battle will begin immediately. The eyes will show up as dots on the radar. They fly around the arena connected to Andross's brain by strands of electrical energy. The eyes can be locked onto with the combat computer and are each worth 5 bonus Hit points for their destruction. After both the eyes are destroyed, Andross's brain will move freely around the range and will teleport to safety if its main portion is hit head on. If the Arwing follows the brain, it may be lead into an explosive mine field. If the Arwing moves too close underneath, it may get caught in the tentacles and will be torn to shreds, tearing off any wings and depleting the shield gauge. After shooting the weak medulla enough times, the brain will give off 10 bonus Hit points and then cause the screen to fade to white due to Andross intending to ensure Fox died with him. A few seconds later, who appears to be James McCloud will encourage Fox to follow him out of Andross's exploding palace, thus the game is complete.

SF64 Andross Brain Destruct.png


  • The start of the brain fight, will also have Fox saying to Andross that he has shown his "true form" while transitioning into All-Range Mode, marking the only time in the game where Fox says something other than "All-Range Mode." when transitioning between the two modes.
  • His battles are the only ones in where Fox screams if he dies, unless the three teammates have been forced to retreat before reaching a boss.
  • Andross' endgame laughter and battle rages are the only quotes to remain in both voice options of the European and Australian release of Star Fox 64 (except for the narrator's "Good Luck!" cheer, although there is no character to represent the narrator).

In "Adventures", eight years after his apparent defeat at the hands of Fox, Andross survived but was severely weakened and reduced to a disembodied spirit, having been forced into fleeing to the edge of the Lylat system and took refuge on Dinosaur Planet, where he learned of the ancient power of the Krazoa. Andross found and gave General Scales, who was invading the Krazoa Palace at the time, more power to defeat the EarthWalker army and conquer Dinosaur Planet while at the same time keeping himself relatively unknown to Scales. After some time, Krystal arrived on the planet and discovered the Krazoa. She completed one of six spiritual tests, releasing a Krazoa Spirit into the palace. When she did this, Andross, who had been observing her the entire time, attacked, trapping her within a crystal which ascended to the roof of the palace. Shortly before Andross imprisons Krystal into the crystal, Krystal says "It's you!" As Krystal seemed to recognize Andross, this may imply that he was the one responsible for the destruction of her homeworld. This is further supported by the fact that Krystal's first actions upon being freed from her prison and saved by Fox besides defiantly refusing to kneel before the "Krazoa God" is to forcibly take back her staff from Fox and fire blasts at the Krazoa God. After this incident, he disappeared into the shadows and awaited the moment when all six spirits would eventually be released.

Andross eventually appears at the very end of the game as the final boss, acting almost exactly like before.

SFA Krazoa God Andross.png

Krazoa God

At first, the giant Krazoa God statue's head that Andross wears on the back of his head shoots ring waves at Fox's Arwing, but the head's eyes are vulnerable to attack. When this phase is repeated after the hands phase is complete, starfighters similar the ones seen on Dragon Rock will fly out from behind Andross and home in on Fox's Arwing, requiring evasion or shooting them down first.


After shooting off both eyes, Andross turns around and swipes at Fox with his hands and then attempts to inhale him and exhale a meteorite shower. Once the hands have been destroyed by shooting the gemstones, the entire 1st and 2nd sequence is repeated again, except that star fighters will now occasionally spawn and fly into Fox from behind Andross. After the second pair of hands are destroyed, the cutscene where Falco arrives to help is triggered. The same fight pattern will be repeated yet again, except for the lack of Andross's hands, and Falco will fly onscreen in-between meteorite showers to drop Supply Containers of Smart Bombs behind for him.
SFA Andross Brain.png


After firing Smart Bombs into Andross's mouth during an inhale, his state of being will shift into a transparent shell and he will move more erratically while charging at Fox, but the brain is exposed and vulnerable to attack. Andross will eventually revert into his regular appearance, requiring the 2nd and 3rd acts to be performed again and again until the "bossometer" is emptied, thus completing the game.


  • Unlike other Star Fox games, Andross's eyes will not follow the movements of Fox, and simply stare straight ahead and do not flinch at any movements. On a further note, the eyes are no longer weak points during the later battle.

Fox Stands Alone...
In days gone by, the burning desire of Dr. Andross to rule the Lylat system filled the galaxy with the chaos of war. The mad ape sent out wave after wave of armies from his stronghold on the planet Venom, and used unique forms of radiation to create horrible monsters and terrible soldiers. His ambition swept this army across the galaxy too the planet Corneria.
It was there, however, that a quartet of mercenaries known as Star Fox put an end to the threat, and the leader of the team, Fox McCloud, defeated Andross in single combat.
In the years that followed, Venom was designated a forbidden planet and placed under the rigorous watch of Cornerian forces.[...]
Star Fox Command logo.png
SFC Pepper Vs Andross.jpg

Andross is featured in the game's opening backstory, retelling his familiar story about becoming obsessed with controlling the Lylat system by having launched wave after wave of attack fighters from the remote planet of Venom and ordered them to strike Planet Corneria--the heart of the Lylat system. Andross is referenced in the game manual to have used a special radiation in creating his bioengineering experiments and terrible soldiers. It is also implied from the Anglar Emperor that Andross was the alleged creator of the Anglar race. A tip from Krystal reveals that Andross only ever wanted to become successful in his work, and that he and General Pepper were close colleges once but they were like oil and water, creating an infighting between them which started the course of the Lylat Wars, but Fox denys this believing the traditional story of Andross becoming insane and ignored his warnings to stop his experiments which resulted in his banishment.

Andross' "ghost".

While it appears to be a ghost of his former self, Andross appears on Titania where he uses his various bioweapons to guard the terraforming device that would neutralise Venom's toxic, inhospitable climate into a mild paradise.
Mission Bioweapon
Titania: Andross's Legacy Grunner
Titania: Dash Monarch Dodora
Titania: The Worm Dune Worm
Titania: Wolf's Plot Killer Bee


  • If Dash Bowman is chosen to fight the Monarch Dodora, Andross's ghost appears to know who Dash is and tries to stop the bioweapon from attacking his grandson but fails, and expresses pride in Dash for defeating it, deeming him worthy to carry on his legacy, which is fitting enough for the "Dash makes a choice" ending.
  • Peppy mentions that after being defeated by Star Fox for quite a few times, he began thinking that Andross could have developed a device to neutralize the Venom Sea, and after completing it, he hid it on Titania, spending his remaining days there. This contradicts the notion that Andross died for the final time in Star Fox Adventures. However, this may be non-canon because of the nature of Star Fox Command.

Star Fox 64 3D logo.png

Andross appears in the 3DS version of Star Fox 64, performing the essentially same role as before. When Andross appears onscreen after flying through the tunnels into his palace, he is no longer hiding in shadow and the animation of his original, longer 64 laugher plays, despite the fact that his laugh is now a much shorter one. When the ending credits finish after defeating the Robot Andross decoy, Andross appears on the lower screen and repeats his laugh animation from before.

Official Sites descriptions

Once exiled to the desolate planet Venom, this evil scientist has made the planet his homebase, and seeks to invade the Lylat system with his massive army.
—Star Fox 64

Star Fox Zero

Andross appears in Star Fox Zero as the main antagonist yet again. This time, he is shown wearing an emperor's cloak. His emblem in the form of a "Jolly Roger" symbol is marked on Venomian carriers as a disembodied head above two cutlass swords. The Jolly Roger symbol's disembodied head is a clear reference to the form Andross usually takes in the games. Andross himself briefly appears in Mission 11 shortly after the Gigarilla is defeated.



Exiled to the desolate planet Venom, the twisted scientist Andross is now using the planet as his base of operations to launch an attack on the entire Lylat system.
—Star Fox


Andross serves as the final boss of Star Fox Zero. He is fought deep in the core of Planet Venom after, Fox defeats Star Wolf and makes his way through the Corridor of Illusion. Andross opens the fight by using his telekinesis to create a cylindrical wall of transparent tiles around himself. Fox must fly around Andross and look for an opening in the wall to fly through while avoiding the tiles Andross telekinetically tosses at him. The platforms which lead to such an opening glow blue in Cockpit View. Occasionally, Andross will fire a series of rotating purple lasers while spinning the column around rapidly, similarly to the Attack Carrier boss.

Phase 1

After flying through an opening in the wall, Fox must switch his Arwing to the Walker form as Andross assumes a metallic form reminiscent of his classic SNES from, only shaped like his modern look. Andross also summons large, metallic hands like in Star Fox 64. Andross attacks by punching Fox and attempting to crush him beneath or in-between his hands. He will also utilize a tractor beam like the Scrapworm boss in Titania. Fox can only escape by blasting the hand Andross is using, or Andross will grab and throw him against the wall. Like in 64, Fox must shoot Andross' hands and destroy them, but the weak points on the hands only appear immediately before an attack. After destroying a hand, Fox must immediately find an opening in the wall and fly out as Andross will quickly retaliate with his rotating laser attack. After Fox destroys both hands, Andross changes his attack pattern.

Phase 2

With both hands destroyed, Andross will now use his classic "Tile Breath" attack, spitting tiles from his mouth and also attempt to bite Fox. To damage Andross, Fox must fire at Andross' mouth when the madman spits tiles, stunning him and revealing a large, red weak spot on the back of his head that Fox must fire at to damage him. Beware when Andross recovers as he will retaliate with spinning eye beams that Fox must jump over or duck under depending on how high Andross is.

Phase 3

SFZ Andross Chase.jpg
After taking enough damage, Andross seemingly explodes and Fox makes his getaway. However, Andross is still alive and initiates his final phase, attempting to take Fox down with him. Fox must avoid Andross' jaws until an apparition of James McCloud appears to distract Andross, causing him to turn his back to Fox to face James (at which he screams, "Curse you, James McCloud...! WHY WON'T YOU STAY DEAD?!?") and reveals the same weak spot on the back of his head once more. Fox must do a U-Turn and fire at this weak spot again to finish Andross for good, or alternatively, keep flying to escape the ensuing explosion. Doing the former will net the player with a 10+ Hit bonus. Firing a charged shot at the weak spot will earn a bonus cinematic in which the charged shot strikes the weak spot with uncanny accuracy and Andross explodes. Fox then turns back to his escape route, with James's voice calling out, "You've become so strong, Fox..."


Andross's first form in Star Fox 2 (1995 prototype).

Andross appears in Star Fox 2 as a clear continuation of his original appearance. He is confirmed as the main antagonist in the final 2017 release from the official artwork, and has cybernetic implants on half of his face (presumably after recovering from the previous encounter with Fox). In the late 1995 prototype, he is the last boss and has a different, somewhat distorted voice. He also frequently calls in to taunt during the beginning of the next phases of battle, and even sends some bosses to deal with the player (which ones depending on the difficulty level), although he'll eventually grow annoyed when all his own forces were vanquished and Wolf left the battle. Besides taking on a new body, the rebuilt cubed core has six sides with a new image depicting Andross as a cyborg, first appearing in Astropolis before retreating to a similar dimensional chamber in a combat body. When hit, copies of that image appear to fall out. It also took on a different mouth-less mask-like body with new maneuvers, and each higher difficulty added more phases featuring an early polygonal version of his gigantic ape head form with hands (both cloaked and non-cloaked). It is to be noted that the scene where he fled down to the dimensional chamber resembled a similar scene involving the Aparoid Queen in Star Fox Assault.

The ill-fated "Saru" (1993~1994 tech demo).

In one of the stages of development seen in one of the four known prototypes, his image was used as a playable character dubbed "Saru" in earlier stages of development. His role appeared to be as a selectable character for the multiplayer function the prototype provided in which he piloted an Arwing, suggesting that he was originally intended to be a new team member to Star Fox. However, because "Saru" literally means "monkey" in Japanese, the name (and character) may have been a placeholder - he, along with "Lady", was removed by the near-final version.

While communicating, the version of Andross seen in the late prototype appears to have a lower body wearing an emperor's cape rather than being a disembodied floating head. This is a reference to the Game Over screen from its predecessor. Incidentally, in the Game Over/Continue Screen of the final prototype, Andross can be heard saying "I control the Lylat System!". If the player chooses to continue the game, Andross will say "You will never destroy me!"

Super Smash Bros 4 merged logo, no subtitle.png
Andross appears as regular Trophies in all Super Smash Bros. series games and from Super Smash Bros. Brawl onwards as both an Assist Trophy. It goes behind the stage and periodically attacks fighters with its signature power of exhaling asteroids at the players through telekinetics.

Super Smash Bros Melee logo.png
  • Both Super Smash Bros. Melee trophies of Andross have the same name. The SNES Andross trophy also implies that it is an illusion created by the mad doctor.


# Name Image First Game / Move Description
228 Andross
Andross (SNES) Trophy Melee.png
Star Fox / Starwing
Star Fox's archenemy. Whether it's a metallic manifestation of Andross or just a hologram is unknown, but from its outward appearance, it's safe to assume that it's not the fiend's true form. Andross occasionally sucks matter in and then violently exhales, sending out a cloud of metal tiles. Its eyes are its weak points.
229 Andross
Andross (N64) Trophy Melee.png
Star Fox 64 / Lylatwars
This incarnation of Andross was so big as to be ridiculous, but it at least appeared to be a living being. Andross was once a brilliant scientist, but was banished from the galaxy for his dangerous experiments. From the planet Venom, he readied his troops and directed his sword of vengeance toward the Lylat System.

Super Smash Bros Brawl logo.png

In one event match, the player controls Fox and must defeat Wolf with assistance from Falco. Wolf is in turn aided by the Andross Assist Trophy. For this event match, the Assist Trophy does not disappear at all, meaning the player must defeat Wolf very quickly, otherwise Andross is very likely to clobber them first.

Andross as he appears in Brawl, based on his design as the final boss in Star Fox.


Name How to Unlock Picture Description
Andross Random
Andross - Brawl Trophy.png
A brilliant scientist formerly employed by the Cornerian Army. He took his research too far, and the disastrous results labeled him a Level 1 offender, resulting in his banishment to the nearby planet Venom. After building a base and declaring himself emperor, he swore he would rule the Lylat system. Thanks to Team Star Fox's heroism, the madman has yet to achieve this.

  • Star Fox / Starwing (SNES)
  • Star Fox 64 / Lylat Wars (N64)

Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS.png
  • Wolf O'Donnell's trophy tells that he served in Andross's army before the ape's exile, tangling in battle after battle with the Star Fox team. The implied conflicts alludes to the intro of Star Fox 64 when it references that Andross has again invaded the Lylat System and Star Fox need to free Corneria and the Lylat System once again.
  • The Wolfen trophy in the fourth Super Smash Bros. also relates that Andross was the ship's creator, and that Pigma had a hand in their design.

Wii U

Name How to Unlock Picture Description Trophy Box
Andross (Assist Trophy) Series Related
A gifted scientist who worked for the Cornerian Defense Force. Banished to the planet Venom for his extreme research methods, he attacked the Lylat System to exact revenge but was defeated by Star Fox. When summoned, he will aid you in battle by spewing polygon slabs from his mouth.
NA release
Ex-scientist for the Cornerian Army, he was banished to the planet Venom because of his extreme research methods. His plan to conquer the Lylat system was thwarted by the heroic Star Fox team. When unleashed in this game, he hovers in the background, launching polygons at the fighters.
PAL release*SNES: Star Fox (03/1993)
  • N64: Star Fox 64 (07/1997)
37. Star Fox


Name How to Unlock Picture Description
Andross (Assist Trophy) Series Related

Andross's Assist trophy.

A gifted scientist who worked for the Cornerian Defense Force. Banished to the planet Venom for his extreme research methods, he attacked the Lylat System to exact revenge but was defeated by Star Fox. When summoned, he will aid you in battle by spewing polygon slabs from his mouth.
NA release
Ex-scientist for the Cornerian Army, he was banished to the planet Venom because of his extreme research methods. His plan to conquer the Lylat system was thwarted by the heroic Star Fox team. When unleashed in this game, he hovers in the background, launching polygons at the fighters.
PAL release
Andross (True Form) Series Related

Andross's True Form trophy.

The true final boss of Star Fox 64, Andross has turned himself into a bioweapon. His face and hands have exploded, revealing a giant brain with eyes that move independently and fire laser beams. When he goes down, he'll self-destruct and try to take Fox with him!
NA release
The true final boss of Lylat Wars is a form where Andross has turned himself into a bioweapon. His face and hands explode, revealing a giant brain with eyes that move independently like tentacles and fire laser beams. When he's beaten in this form, he self-destructs and tries to take Fox with him.
PAL release

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Logo.png

Andross appears in "Ultimate" as an assist trophy once again using his SNES design. He is one of the few assist trophies which cannot be K'Od. There are however some stages that Andross cannot be summoned within:

  • 3D Land
  • 75m
  • Boxing Ring
  • Castle Siege
  • Corneria
  • Delfino Plaza
  • Dream Land (SSB4)
  • Duck Hunt stage
  • Flat Zone X
  • Frigate Orpheon
  • Gamer
  • Garden of Hope
  • Golden Plains
  • Halberd
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Mario Circuit (SSB4)
  • Midgar
  • Mushroom Kingdom U
  • Mushroomy Kingdom
  • Mute City (SSB4)
  • Pac-Land
  • Paper Mario
  • Peach's Castle
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Prism Tower
  • Shadow Moses Island
  • Skyloft
  • Spirit Train
  • Super Mario Maker
  • Temple
  • The Great Cave Offensive
  • Tomodachi Life
  • Tortimer Island
  • Umbra Clock Tower
  • Unova Pokemon League
  • WarioWare Inc.
  • Wii Fit Studio
  • Wrecking Crew
  • Wuhu Island

Andross also has three different spirits, one using his SNES appearance and the other two using both his forms from "Star Fox 64 3D":


No. Image Name Type Class Ability Series
Andross SNES SSBU.png
Andross Grab ★★ No Effect Star Fox Series
Andross 3DS SSBU.png
Andross (Star Fox 64 3D) Grab ★★★ Can Be Enhanced at Lv. 99 Star Fox Series
Andross Brain SSBUt.png
Andross (True Form) Grab ★★★★ Critical Health Stats ↑ Star Fox Series