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I'll squash you like the insects you are!

Androsa is a weaponized flying fortress appearing in Star Fox Zero, piloted by Granga. It and Granga are the boss of the stage Enter Star Fox in Star Fox Zero.


The English name Androsa is an obvious reference to none other than Andross himself, while its Japanese name, Sarulesia, alludes to "saru" (monkey/ape) which is sometimes used in reference to Andross's army. The gargantuan fortress resembles the Umbra-class Defense Station, sporting a red/yellow/green colour scheme, identical to Granga's Mech in Star Fox 64. It possesses four laser cannons that serve as weak points, along with several smaller turrets on its top and bottom.

In the game

Androsa appears on Corneria's third phase after protecting General Pepper inside his tower from shooting down 10 Hits and Caiman declaring a retreat. Granga then warps in and threatens to squash Star Fox like the insects he thinks they are. There are two methods to taking down the Androsa, one earning a Mission Complete in which Granga survives and retreats to fight another day or will be taken down with the ship.

Mission Complete

Either by landing on the top of the Androsa with the Walker or staying in flight with the Arwing, targeting the funnel-like laser cannons on each of the four corners will cause a quarter to fall off. (Alternately, one of the homing missiles the ship fires can be tricked into hitting a laser cannon, destroying it and promoting extra dialog.) If all four quarters are shot down, the center spike tower will be exposed and Granga will retreat into space, claiming that this battle between him and Fox is not over. 

Mission Accomplished

After destroying a laser cannon, Fox will be able to enter the breached hull after one quarter falls off and use the Walker to reach the Androsa's core. Granga will challenge Fox to a duel and launch lasers at him, but the arms on the core are vulnerable to attack. After the core's arms are then destroyed, the main reactor overloads and sends a chain reaction through the fortress and destroys it. 

File:9 Minutes of Star Fox Zero Gameplay on the Gamepad


  • Granga's quotes spoken during the battle are obvious references to ones he spoke in Star Fox 64, including his dying lament to failing his emperor.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (サルレシア Sarulesia)
(超巨大戦艦 Supergiant Battleship)
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