Andross' enemy is my enemy!
—Andrew, Star Fox 64
I am the one and only true heir to the great emperor Andross! The new emperor, Andrew Oikonny!
—Andrew Oikonny

Andrew Oikonny (アンドリュー・オイッコニー, Andoryū Oikkonī) , usually called only by his surname, is the nephew of Andross and his successor. He would always attack Slippy as his first target. When shot down, he would usually yell "Uncle Andross!".


Early Life

Andrew's history before the Lylat Wars is unknown other than his relationship to Andross. Allegedly, his favorite book was the Apes of Wrath. Andross made him a pilot to keep him out of his own business, and because he wanted nothing to do with him, presumably because Andrew wasn't much of anything. Evident by the fact his piloting skills are on par with or worse than Slippy's, and he wasn't very good at fighting, either. While inexperienced he was still regarded to as a fearsome pilot because of the Wolfen he was given by his Uncle.

Lylat Wars

Stick to the pond, froggie!
—Oikonny to Slippy Toad

Andrew was an inexperienced pilot who only flew to try to follow in Andross' footsteps. It is shown that he and Slippy have a minor rivalry with each other, as other members have rivalries with other Star Fox members. Unlike the others', Andrew's conflict with Slippy has a foggy background. Andrew is similar to Slippy in that they are both below-average pilots. When shot down, he whines "Uncle Andross!!" as he plummets. Oikonny appears with the rest of Star Wolf in the missions Fichina or Bolse Defense Station, declaring that the Star Fox team will be sorry to have crossed them.

He is also seen in the "back entrance" to Venom where Star Wolf gets new ships. When they encounter each other at Andross's Palace, he had to wear a specialized visor to help him fly the Wolfen II because of injuries to his eyes. Upon encountering Star Fox, he boasted that he and the rest of the Star Wolf Team (who had similarly been injured) will make sure Star Fox won't reach Andross. After being shot down, Andrew Oikonny ended up screaming in anguish.

Sometime after Andross is killed, Oikonny was kicked out of Star Wolf's band of thugs for unknown reasons. As a result, his focus immediately shifts to avenging his uncle as emperor of Venom's remaining fleet.

Oikonny rebellion conflict

Oikonny, now referred only by his last name (except when he calls himself Andross's successor for one brief moment before his swift defeat), gathers Andross' remaining troops and forms a rebellion against the Cornerian Army. Although dedicated to Oikonny's cause, the simian soldiers were all common space pirates, bounty hunters and thugs, in it for their fortunes.

During the battle, he refused surrender to the Cornerian Army and ordered his army to show them that they "mean business." After the Cornerian Army managed to briefly overpower their defenses via Battle Formation V, Oikonny exposed his secret weapon: Stealth Squadron, which forced the Army back just as the Star Fox team arrived to aid the Cornerians.

After Star Fox managed to breach through most of the defenses, Oikonny ordered for them to use everything they've got against the team. After they managed to defeat even the Stealth Squadron, Oikonny then fled to Fortuna (although his words as he was doing so implied that he was trying to lure the Star Fox team to the planet so he'd deal with them personally).

Aparoid Invasion

After plowing through his fleet and chasing all across Fortuna, Oikonny transformed his ship into a large likeness of himself, (and resembling Andross, with hands with weak spots located on the palms) what Falco calls an "Andross Wannabe". During this battle, Oikonny was unexpectedly shot down by an Aparoid Moth. He makes a whining lament to his uncle while his ship falls to the ground like he did during his previous defeats.

Andrew Oikonny isn't heard from again for the rest of the game except that Peppy Hare compares the Ruffians lead by Star Wolf as being nothing but thugs but well trained" and maybe "more dangerous than Oikonny's army".

Anglar Blitz

Oikonny survived his encounter with the Aparoid and became active again during the Anglar uprising. Instead of fighting the Anglar army alongside Dash Bowman, Andross's grandson (likely his second cousin), he joins the Anglars and pilots the Death Crab, confronting Star Fox in Fichina City (the reasons are never explained, but it may have something to do with the fact that his uncle was the one who gave them life in the first place, if the Goodbye Fox scenario is considered canon). Oikonny again survives this defeat, it is unknown if Oikonny will go back to flying with Star Wolf, since he hasn't expressed any interest in going back to his old wingmates. It's also interesting to note that Andrew and Dash never meet face-to-face in this game. In one ending for Command, Dash begins resurrecting the remnants of Andross's army, just as Andrew had tried to do in Assault. It is very likely that Oikonny will join Bowman in his war declaration on Corneria, if this alternate ending is made canon. If so, together they may be Andross' successors over his empire.

In the Manga

Andrew appears in the Star Fox 64 manga, where he is the first of the Star Wolf Team to make the ambush attack on Fox at the Asteroid Belt, using a disrupter torpedo. He is beaten back by the Star Fox team, forcing him to retreat back to Venom and crash landing. At Andross's Palace, Andrew and Pigma shiver in fear of the Emperor's fury and blame each other mockingly for their failure at stopping Star Fox. Andrew and Pigma then swear to take revenge for their humilliation or else Andross will have them vapourized. They later attack the Star Fox team again and mangage to cripple their Arwings as they drop towards the surface of Solar. Their success is short lived when Katt Monroe appears and takes the Arwings up in her tractor beam, to which Pigma and Andrew angrily attack the Catspaw. However, Wolf appears on the scene and open fires on Pigma and Andrew. When Andrew questions why Wolf is turning on his own team mates, he reasons that they acted without his approval and they don't deserve to be on his team anymore. Wolf also reasons that Fox is his rival and their grudge has not yet been settled.


  • Both the Star Fox 64 manga depicted Oikonny being booted off from Star Wolf alongside Pigma because they disobeyed orders by Wolf O'Donnell via attempting to kill Fox McCloud and the other Star Fox members behind Wolf's back. The Assault instruction manual also supported the story of Oikonny being kicked out of Star Wolf, yet it is not directly stated in the game why he left Wolf's team or if it involved a similar incident with Pigma. According to his trophy Smash Bros. for Wii U, the reason given is that his boastful and arrogant attitude despite being an unskilled pilot is what made Wolf kick him out of Star Wolf.
  • As his Ship is never seen fully exploding after being shot in Star Fox Assault, and him surviving worse in Star Fox 64, his re-appearance in Star Fox Command isn't surprising.
  • When shot down by the Aparoid, Andrew Oikonny says "Uncle Andross!" He said the same thing when defeated at Fichina and Bolse on Star Fox 64.
  • The relationship between Andrew and Andross is similar to the relationship between Dr. Robotnik and Snively in the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comic and SatAM cartoon. Both Andrew and Snively are nephews of their series' respective villains, both are inexperienced when it comes to combat, and both try to usurp their uncles as the ruler when their uncles are out of the picture. Unlike Snively, however, Andrew seems to be genuinely loyal to Andross.
  • Going by Oikonny being Andross's nephew, and Dash being Andross' Grandson, this would make Dash the First Cousin Once-Removed of Oikonny.


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