Amanda (アマンダ) is a female frog and the love interest and possible future wife of Star Fox Team mechanic Slippy Toad. The two met and fell in love on the planet of Aquas sometime after the events in Star Fox: Assault, but two years before the beginning of Star Fox Command. Amanda pilots the Tadpole in Star Fox Command as her personal ship.


Amanda, at first, appears to be very pushy and hates to be kept on the sidelines, but it all seems to stem from her undying devotion to her fiancee and wanting to fight by his side. Another possibility is that she also wants to keep herself from feeling useless. She is very protective and caring toward Slippy and is not afraid to show it.


Depending upon the ending received in Star Fox Command, Amanda either joins the Star Fox Team to be close to Slippy, Slippy and Amanda go on to marry and raise a large family, and/or one of their children joins Fox and Krystal's son Marcus McCloud, Lucy Hare's daughter and Falco Lombardi to form a new Star Fox Team. In one event, Amanda and ROB 64 team up with KrystalKatt Monroe and Lucy Hare to defend Corneria from stragler Anglar forces while the classic Star Fox team were en route to Venom, preparing a celebration feast for their return.


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