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All-Range Mode is used entirely on Fichina.

All-Range Mode.
Fox McCloud

All-Range Mode is a gameplay feature that has appeared in all Star Fox series games except Star Fox and Star Fox Adventures.


SF64 Multi 2

All choices of vehicle in Star Fox 64's Multiplayer. Arwing, Landmaster and Pilot, which use All-Range Mode.

While most of the games takes place in "Corridor Mode," which forces Fox's vehicle down a fixed path straight forward through the environment, some stages of the games, including many bosses, take place in "All-Range Mode" by comparison (as does Multi-Player Mode). In this variant the player can move freely within the confines of a large arena to engage in combat as the wings are now fully open, granting the ship its full maneuverability. Three of the bosses also have Fox switching to All-Range Mode to confront the enemy. When he does so, he usually calls out the mode, except for when fighting Andross's brain, in which case he taunted Andross about showing his true form.

The Arwing can fly anywhere in All-Range Mode, until it reaches the edge of the radar, where it will automatically perform one new maneuver in All-Range Mode: an Immelmann up-and-over to change direction. In-game, this is called a U-Turn. An U-Turn can be performed exclusively within the confines of All-Range Mode.

Star Fox 64 logo

After Fox's commands and alternating of the Arwing's wings (or in the case of Andross's brain, taunting Andross for showing his true form), the gameplay is changed instantly into the 3-D battlefield. In addition, some levels, such as Fichina, Katina, Bolse, Sector Z, and the first part of Venom Hard Path, also are done entirely in All-Range Mode, while other levels, such as the Easy path for Corneria, Sector Y, and the Andross's brain boss fight on Venom Hard Mode have the player automatically transitioning between rails and All-Range Mode.

All-Range Mode

Some missions and parts of missions are flown in All-Range Mode, which places you within a large, 3-D battlefield. You have complete freedom of movement in this mode, but you'll turn around automatically if you reach the edge of the map
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 11
In the All-Range mode, you'll be in a square-shaped area and you'll be able to fly anywhere you want. The Arwing will automatically U-turn if it gets to the edge of the playing field. Radar appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. Objects on the field or the location of the boss will appear on the radar. NOTE: In some areas, both modes exist.
—Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet
This is a free-flying combat mode played over a square-shaped zone. If your Arwing reaches the edge of the combat zone, it will automatically do a U-turn.
—Star Fox 64 3D; Instruction Booklet

All-Range mode appears within the following stages:

Level Moment
Corneria Granga Battle
Sector Y Shogun Warriors & Shogun Battle
Katina Entire Level
Fichina Entire Level
Sector Z Entire Level
Bolse Entire Level
Venom II Wolfen II & Andross's Brain
MultiPlayer All Stages

Star Fox Assault

An all-range stage in Star Fox: Assault.

All-Range Stages

Stages where you control Fox and move around a contained area are all-range stages. You clear these stages by destroying a set number of targets. You can also pilot Arwings and drive Landmasters on some all-range stages. When you change weapons in Pilot Mode, the name of the new weapon is displayed.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet

Performing the same role as before, All-Range mode returns within the following missions:

Level  Moment
Katina Outpost Entire Level
Sargasso Hideout Entire Level
Fichina Entire Level
Sauria Entire Level
Beltino Orbital Gate Entire Level
Aparoid Homeworld Aparoid City & Aparoid Queen's 1st form
Multi Player All Stages

Star Fox Command
Star Fox Command Fuel Cell

Gameplay in Star Fox Command" almost entirely uses All-Range mode.

All-Range Mode is used throughout the entire game save for the final boss battle, the Anglar Emperor and when engaging an Anglar Missile. Since elements from Star Fox 2 were carried over to this game, it adopts the similar style of gameplay from previous titles.

When the Mission map appears, it will trigger an intro where the playable starfighters will be launched from the Great Fox, unless other starfighters show up eventually as gameplay progresses. Turns are taken to create a flight path on the map for the playable starfighters to engage hostile enemies and reach bases; when the icon of a starfighter touches an objective it will bring up a choice of battles to enter.

In a battle, the starfighter can fly anywhere within the confined area but will make an automatic U-turn if it reaches the edge of the arena. The objective is to pilot around the area and shoot down enemy units to retrieve their cores which can be magnetically attracted to the ship by using a barrel roll. If the starfighter is required to take down a mothership, it will be position in the center of the area and will only be attackable after gaining all the enemy cores first. The ship fuel is indicated by a ticking timer that will restrict the amount of time a starfighter can stay flying and will result in the ship crashing if time runs out. Deflecting firepower will add time to the clock while any destroyed enemies and obstacles may drop Fuel Cell pickups to replenish lost time.


All-Range Mode during the tower defend phase in Star Fox Zero

All-Range Mode comes to Star Fox Zero. Like as usual, this occurs during mini bosses down to the stage's boss. The first time this is seen is during the opening mission; Planet Corneria. Fox again calls for the command to switch over to All-Range mode after saying: "Switching to all-range mode! Let's take the offensive!"

StarFox2 Walker

All-Range Mode is frequently used in Star Fox 2 and made it into most Star Fox games that followed. 


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