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Rumoured to be the most devious creature in the cosmos, he exploits the weaknesses of his targets with merciless precision.
—Official Web Manual

Algy is an arrogant primate who appears as a member of the Star Wolf wing exclusively in "Star Fox 2".


  • Algy is not encountered at all during the game's easy mode, instead appearing only in harder difficulties.
  • In his Japanese dialog seen in the 1995 late-development prototype, he refers to himself as "Algy-sama" (アルジーさま), showing that he very rudely views himself in high regard.
  • In the Aeon Genesis fan-translation of the 1995 late-development prototype, he was renamed "Andrew" in reference to Andrew Oikonny, who takes his place in later games. Coincidentally, it was revealed much later (in anticipation of the 2017 release of the Super NES Classic Edition) that Andrew was first designed in early concept art of Star Wolf for Star Fox 2, showing that it was actually the other way around during the game's development.
  • His character design resembles Dash Bowman, the grandson of Andross in Star Fox Command.
    • Unlike Oikonny and Bowman, Algy appears to have no family connection to Andross.