The AegisCam is a security system created by Slippy Toad, for his uncle president Grippy Toad's mining company, Corneria Precious Metals Ltd. This is a system of twelve cameras, each of which are equipped with an attached laser weapon. This system was created to defend Grippy's mining operations from an onslaught of robots, likely created by Andross to stop supply of metals to the Cornerian Army and Cornerian Defense Force.

In the game

The AegisCam security system is a state-of-the-art defense program designed by Slippy Toad, a member of the legendary Star Fox team. Watch 12 live video feeds, then activate the camera-mounted laser guns by tapping on the Wii U GamePad controller and pressing any button to blast intruders to clear the area of all Combat Bots and complete the mission. Each AegisCam security system comes fully equipped with its own Re:bot unit, a frog-like robot that cleans up debris from downed enemies and converts it into precious metals to upgrade defenses.



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