"Star Fox Adventures" is an action-adventure video game developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo GameCube as part of the Star Fox series. It was the final game developed by Rare for a Nintendo home video game system, before the company was acquired as a first-party developer for Microsoft's Xbox division. It is the third game in the series, succeeding "Star Fox 64".

Synopsis (Instruction Booklet)

Eight years have passed since Andross was finally overthrown by the daring Star Fox team. Following the celebrations, Fox McCloud and friends returned to the only life they knew - an endless patrol of the Lylat system, guarding against ongoing threats to their territory.
Boredom soon struck, causing Fox's close friend Falco Lombardi to simply disappear, leaving only rumour to suggest that his lone-wolf nature had finally led him to pursue a more free and profitable life.
Then Slippy Toad traded his pilot's wings for a place in Weapons R&D, demonstration a natural flair for invention, while Fox's old friend and mentor Peppy Hare retired from active flight duty to concentrate on a role as a navigator and general adviser.
The Great Fox itself had also seen better days. Keeping a ship of that size in prime condition cost serious money, and well-paid jobs for fighter pilots and mercenaries were increasingly difficult to come by.
So it was that Fox and co. found themselves drifting through the galaxy, waiting and hoping for General Pepper's hologram to pop up with just the kind of high-stakes, high-reward mission that they might need…
—Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet

Characters and Setting

Adventures features the core Star Fox team, with Falco Lombardi appearing only at the game's end, as well as adding new characters, such as Krystal, Prince Tricky, the tyrannical General Scales, and other dinosaurs. Krystal goes on to become a full-fledged member of the Star Fox team, while Tricky was briefly shown in Star Fox: Assault after completing the sixth mission taking place in Dinosaur Planet (later renamed "Sauria").

Along with the series regulars, Adventures features a numerous amount of dinosaur and prehistoric characters, all of them based on once living creatures. For example, the ruling EarthWalker tribe, featured prominently in the game, resemble Triceratops, while the rival CloudRunner tribe approximate to Pteranodons. The SharpClaw tribe, the major antagonists in Adventures, resemble humanoid Allosaurus.

The entire game takes place on the world of Dinosaur Planet and four pieces of the planet itself suspended in orbit. In order to transit to the pieces, Fox must use his Arwing and avoid enemies. These areas include various terrain and climates, such as the grassy hub of ThornTail Hollow, alien-like Moon Mountain Pass, the icy terrain of SnowHorn Wastes, and seaside Cape Claw.


Adventures was originally planned as Dinosaur Planet, a game unrelated to the Star Fox series. The plot concerned Sabre (who became Fox) and Krystal, along with their sidekicks Tricky and Kyte (who appears briefly at the beginning and near the end), and Randorn, a wizard who was Sabre's father and Krystal's adoptive father (who was dropped entirely). The SwapStone (which became the WarpStone) would let the player switch between Krystal and Sabre.

Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned in an interview that, after reviewing content of Dinosaur Planet for the Nintendo 64, the similarities of Rare's anthropomorphic designs to Nintendo's Fox McCloud design were striking. The title was later changed to be a Star Fox-brand launch game for the Nintendo GameCube. Before this, Rare released MP3s from the unreleased game, along with numerous trailers and screenshots of gameplay, many of which appeared in Star Fox Adventures.

The original GameCube title was Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, but "Dinosaur Planet" was later removed. The game resulted in being Rare's final console video game released under Nintendo before the United Kingdom-based studio was sold and became a first-party developer for Microsoft.

Since its release, Star Fox Adventures has been designated a Player's Choice game by Nintendo, recognizing it as a game that has sold many copies and was available at a reduced retail price.


There was mixed response to this game, however, it was generally positive with it receiving an 81 average score on Metacritic. The game was praised by many for its amazingly realistic graphics and long play time, while the criticism was mainly focused on the fact that there is little to no Arwing piloting, which had been a key element in Star Fox games thus far. Another problem that was mentioned was the slightly repetitive scavenger missions that Rareware was notorious for in previous games. Regardless of that, it received Nintendo's Player's Choice for the large amount of copies sold.

Game Mistakes / Plotholes

Game Mistake
  • An error they made is at the end when Krystal is freed from the crystal. She takes the staff out of Fox's hands, but after the battle with Andross, when he's on the Great Fox, it's on his back.
  • When Fox meets Tricky at the Hot Spring and they have a heated argument involving Tricky saying: "My dad's a King EarthWalker and he'll bash you up!", Fox responds by saying: "I don't think he'll be doing any bashing, he's been captured". However, there was no mention made beforehand about the King EarthWalker being a prisoner until they meet with the Queen EarthWalker after saving the Mother ThornTail's eggs.
  • When Krystal contacts Fox and Tricky at Moon Mountain Pass, she is still speaking in Dino, despite Fox already having the translator.
    • Yet when Fox gets the staff, he appears to be able to understand Krystal's message. It may be because it was mystically recorded in Dino.
  • Fox has a conversation with the rebel CloudRunner about Krystal, without having known her name at that point.
  • In the title screen intro, Fox has three Foxheads units of health throughout the entire gameplay montage, including stages in the game where he would have earned more than three after earning the SpellStones.
    • However, it may have only been footage from gameplay testing.
  • After Andross's defeat, Falco's Arwing is not producing any jet fire from its thrusters.
  • During the cutscene where Krystal encounters General Scales and he grabs her and is about to throw her overboard after he questions her daring to challenge him, the quote: This is not over! (Kxaj aj dek eloh!) is spoken but not scripted on-screen for unknown reasons or a programming error. Since he says it again after Krystal says "Bad luck, General. Maybe next time!", it is likely that he was not intended to speak it the first time, and the lack of subtitling reflects this.

Behind the Scenes 

  • Early images and video footage of the game's development revealed that Peppy and Slippy would actually leave the Great Fox and join Fox on CloudRunner Fortress, presumably in Tricky's place. This is evident on the game's box artwork.
  • Unused voice acting has revealed that Falco was set to appear much earlier and join Fox in a fight against General Scales, having somehow heard of the mission and deciding to join in, "for a small fee of course".
  • More early voice recordings tell that ROB was originally set to be used as the game save icon, before being replaced by the Nintendo GameCube memory card.
  • Unused dialogue also revealed that Krystal would have been rescued a lot earlier and share more screen time with Fox, agreeing to join the Star Fox team if he kissed her. This was cut in favour of the final outcome.
    • Further unused dialogue shows that her distress calls within Moon Mountain Pass were recorded in English as well as Dino talk. It is unknown why Rare used the later, considering Fox had his working Translator at that time.


  • This is the first and so far only game besides the original Star Fox to not feature Wolf O'Donnell and Star Wolf.
    • This is one of the few Star Fox games in Japan to have no Japanese dialogue. Everyone in the game speaks the original English and Dino languages.
  • Star Fox Adventures has been noted for its similar gameplay to The Legend of Zelda series. The game has the same combat style of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The puzzles are also very similar to a few games in the Zelda series, the automatic jumping similar to how Link jumps, and the first-person aiming similar to how Link aims his arrows.
  • This was the first and only Star Fox title Rare has made and the final Rare game made for a Nintendo home console.
  • The ESRB rating's reasons for it being rated T stated that it had animated blood. The only instance of blood in the game is if the player whacks Tricky a few times with the staff.
  • In the opening of the game on Fox's monitor, you can see clips of different areas in the game, but no voices, just a few sound effects from the game.
    • In the Kiosk version, there are different clips set to play, which includes voices, such as Krystal's scream when she's captured in the crystal, General Scales' laugh, and a different King Red-Eye screech.
      • The monitor also has a 'Nintendo' logo at the bottom, but it's covered by the Copyright text.
  • This is the first game in the series released under the titular Star Fox name in Europe and Australia. The previous games were released as Starwing and Lylat Wars in those regions.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese スターフォックス アドベンチャー, Sutā Fokkusu Adobenchā


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