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• 2/11/2016

Anonymous Accounts temporarily disabled

Hey all.  To all of our forum users on Arwingpedia, you probably have noticed a large amount of spam on a variety of discussion threads. After quickly consulting with StarFox0 on the issue, it has been decided to temporarily disable Anonymous accounts editing privileges.
Given that anonymous accounts don't make up for the majority of mainspace article editors here, it seems to be the appropriate response.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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• 1/7/2016

Arwingpedia - 10th Anniversary (2006-2016)

Hey everyone, seeing that this wiki was created back in 2006. The year of 2016 means that this will be this wiki's 10th Anniversary! Lets help keep building this wiki and its community. Also look forward for the release of Star Fox Zero this year too!
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• 10/31/2015

Message Wall - New Wiki Feature

The Message Wall feature, as seen on many other wikis, will be enabled for the Star Fox Wiki on November 1st. It will replace the talk pages as a new system to send messages to eachother between anonymous contributors and regular contributors. For more information about the message wall, click here. If anyone opposes this feature for this wiki then please post your message here and your reason and we may work with you regarding this new feature.
Short summary about this feature:
"Communicating with the contributors on your wiki is an essential part of building and maintaining your community. The Message Wall uses a threaded conversation format and notification system that lets you control which conversations you're interested in following. No more missed messages!"
This feature will be enabled sometime between midnight of both Eastern time and Pacific time.
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• 7/14/2015

Administration Request #1: 1hs444

The user, 1hs444, has been nominated by a Star Fox Wikia staff member to be a admin on this wiki. This is the first administration request under the new rules of how to become an administrator. He is trustworthy and has helped with coding on this wiki to get the main page redesigned. He also currently operates the official Star Fox Wiki twitter account. Here are the current rules of how voting will work here.

You must use the following templates to place your vote with a reason,
Support Neutral Oppose
You must have an account to vote, no Guest votes.
If you use multiple accounts to vote then we will not count any of your votes
The one who is being nominated shall not vote for themselves. Only the community may vote for their status on here.
Since the community is small, voting will last from today, July 13, 2015, until July 14, 2015, at 6:00pm Eastern time.
Support - 2
Neutral - 0
Oppose - 0
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• 7/14/2015

Administration About: Requests

This thread is for announcing when administration requests are open for this wikia. If you want to be an admin here on the Star Fox Wiki then you must come by here and see if requests are open and see on the News and Announcements board if there are already nominated member(s) for the position. Do not ask an admin that you should be nominated, only the admin(s) will decide who should be when a thread named "Administration Requests: JAN 2015 - FEB 2015" is created. The thread is for you to explain why you should become admin. The month and year on the thread will be shown, which is the first of that month until the first of the next month. Which means the thread will close in one month. The current admins will go through the threads when they close and nominate that member and create a voting thread for that member.
The threads for voting for those members will be named "Administration Request #0: Member". ONLY an admin of this wiki can create these threads after discussing with any other admins of who should be nominated. DO NOT create your own administration request thread. Doing so will not only get the thread closed or deleted, but will also lessen your chances on becoming a future administrator on this wiki. Request threads will tell you how to vote and what the rules are and how long the voting will be. If you have any further questions then you may ask one of the current active administrators here or ask it on this thread.
1. 1hs444 - PASSED
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• 7/9/2015

Star Fox Wiki - What's new?

As you have noticed, there are changes to this wiki such as new logo, favicon, features and now a redesign of the main page. We also now have a official twitter account and we are now starting community projects for this wiki to improve it. To celebrate the new design of the wiki, there are now 2 new achievement tracks that will give you achievements/badges to add to the leaderboard if you edit on either team Star Fox related pages or team Star Wolf. We will also have a new poll on the main page, do you support team Star Fox or team Star Wolf?
Check out the new changes of this wiki down below:

Achievement system
New logo
New main page
An official twitter account
Star Fox and Star Wolf achievement tracks
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• 7/6/2015

Star Fox Wiki - Affiliations

The Star Fox Wiki has affiliated with the following wikias/sites. Check them out!

Encyclopedia Gamia
The list will be updated as the Star Fox Wiki affiliates with other wikias/sites in the near future.
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• 6/29/2015

Star Fox Wikia Changes

The Star Fox Wiki will be going through changes in design with the help of the Wikia Community Development Team! I hope you all like these new changes with the new announcement of the Star Fox Zero game. Also I there is now Star Fox achievements to get through the achievement system so I hope you look forward to edit here to receive those achievements! StarFox0(Star Fox Wikia)(talk)
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• 6/26/2015

We need your help!

Hi everyone, I just wanna let you know that this will be the first discussion on this forum about helping this wiki as a community together. I recently learned on another thread that this wiki 5 years ago "merged" with another called the Lylat wiki, a more independent wiki. With that happened, the admins and some community members from here have left this wiki for that. I would love to rebuild this wiki and community with you guys.
Please put any suggestions here on how we can help improve this wiki for you guys and everyone else that comes by. I have already messaged the other admin about this and will send a request to the Wikia Community Development Team to help us with this by possibly redesigning the main page and making a new wordmark to help make this wiki look more presentable. Thanks.
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• 6/25/2015

New Star Fox Game threads added

Hi everyone, All of the Star Fox game discussion threads have been added to the Star Fox Games board. Go check it out! Also made a thread for the newest Star Fox game to discuss about it as we get closer to its release this Holiday 2015. Hope to chat with everyone on each of the threads about the games.
If you haven't noticed yet, this is the new forum for the wiki that has replaced the older forum. With the newest Star Fox game coming, lets build the community back up together! Feel free to also make new threads throughout this forum.
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• 6/25/2015

New Forum

Hi everyone, you may have noticed that there is now a new forum on this wiki now. It has now been enabled and everyone can come, make threads and join on on the different conversations in the boards of the forum. I hope you all would enjoy this feature and please make sure to read the Forum Policies/FAQ if you have any questions. Thank you.
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